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Jason@FowlerArtandDesign.com   |   706.968.1853


Fowler Art & Design is a Design Agency that performs a variety of services to help you start a business, grow a business, advertise your event, improve the look of your website and more.

In addition to providing beautiful graphic design, Fowler Art & Design also offers custom graphics and illustrations, photo retouching, vector creation and illustration services.

Whatever your graphic needs, I'm here to make you look good.


What follows are descriptions of the services I offer. If you have any questions, never hesitate to use the contact form to ask questions.

Good design is important for your business or venture. It's a signal to everyone who sees it that you are professional and competent - that you are to be taken seriously. It sets you apart from others, so that you become distinctive and more attractive to customers.

Many businesses don't understand design. There are lots of people who create flyers and ads for events when they don't have the software or expertise. It would be like asking your accountant to fix a leaking pipe under the building.


Graphic Design includes any manipulation of graphics and text. If you need a sign, flyer, advertisement, t-shirt design, letterhead, brochure, rack card or any other type of graphics or marketing materials, you need Graphic Design.

If this is your first type working with a designer, don't hesitate to use the contact form to ask questions or to get a price quote.


Most of the files we deal with are JPG's, which are image made up of pixels, like the image on a television.


The problem with a jpg, or similar file types like PNG's, is that they become blurry and unusable if they're made too large, or if they were originally created at a low resolution.


I can take your blurry, unusable graphic and create a sharp vector graphic, which is a type of graphic that never loses quality no matter how big you make it.

Vector files are the perfect types of files to send to the printer for use on your marketing materials, especially large items like banners and signs, which is why you should always have a vector version of your logo. They are always sharp and crisp.

Vector graphics are also good for apparel graphics to be used on tee shirts, hats and other screen printed materials.


I can create custom vector graphics from scratch or convert your old, blurry graphics into vector graphics.


A logo is an important part of any business. A sharp, well-produced logo tells your potential customers that you're professional and competent - that you can be trusted. A shabby logo sends the message that there might be something shabby about your business.


Whether you need a logo designed from scratch or an update to your existing logo, I'm here to help.


The process begins with a conversation about your business and your expectations for the logo. Armed with this information, I begin creating concepts that will be narrowed down, revised and polished until they become the logo you want - a professional graphic that will represent your business and help you succeed for years and years.

Once the logo is finished, you will receive all the file formats you would need for general, web and print use; 1 color and full color versions; and any ancillary branding images and fonts. If you should need additional file formats in the future, I am always happy to provide them.​


In addition to sharp graphic design, Fowler Art & Design also offers illustration and custom graphics creation services.

Some examples of projects I have worked on include banner illustrations for blogs; spot illustrations for publications; decorative graphics for organizations; custom gifts; CD cover art; book covers; video game assets; tabletop games; caricatures; and children's books.

I am also able to manipulate and revise graphics and photographs to your specifications, including photo retouching and cleanup.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you are thinking about commissioning an illustration to find out details.



Here some examples of work I've created including logos, ads, menus, business cards, mailers and illustrations.



Use this form for questions, comments and price quotes.

Contact Fowler Art & Design

Jason@FowlerArtandDesign.com   |   706.968.1853

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