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Pioneer RESA is an organization that exists to educate educators. They describe their own work by saying they facilitate, consult and train technical and educational staff. It acts almost like an expanded board of education in North Georgia. I was approached by them because they were looking to refresh an old logo they'd been using for a while. Here is their original logo:



The people at Pioneer RESA wanted to include a graphic representation of the geographic area they serve, which is 15 connected school systems in north Georgia. They also wanted to retain their colors, blue and green. After speaking with them and going through the logo design process, we ended up with a simple and beautiful logo that was close enough to the old logo to offer some continuity between them, but new and fresh in a way that was exciting. We made 2 versions of their logo, both with a tagline and without. They also requested a Twitter profile image. Here are the final images:

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