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5 Tips to Increase Christmas Sales

The Christmas Seasons is here, and it's an important time for retail stores and other businesses.

November and December holiday sales have averaged about 19% of annual retail sales over the last 5 years according to the National Retail Federation (NRF), and for some businesses can reach as high as 30%. In a year like this, when the COVID pandemic did a number on so many small businesses, holiday sales are even more important.

Again according to the NRF, Online holiday shopping made up about 20% of purchases last year, and while that number will rise this year, that means there is plenty of room for small businesses retailers.

5 Tips to Increase Christmas Sales:

1) Offer Special Deals to Loyal Customers

Every business has a relatively small number of loyal customers who spend more than almost all of your other customers. Reach out to these customers and invite them to shop with you for the holidays. Show them your appreciation. Perhaps even make a deal for their referrals. It costs much more to gain new customers than to maintain the ones you already have.

2) Offer Gift Certificates

Nothing fancy or complicated here: Give your customers the ability to buy gift certificates. These make excellent gifts and they're an opportunity to get new customers in the store. Put a display for these in a conspicuous location near the cash register and consider offering them online, as well, through your site and through your social media platforms.

3) Cross Sell

If a customer buys a paint brush, they may actually need a set of brushes. Or if they buy a blouse, there may be a pair of paints or a purse that goes perfectly with it. If they're buying a massage for someone, maybe they would like to make it a couples massage. It's hard to figure out what to get people for Christmas - you can help them while also helping your sales. Every sale is an opportunity to make another sale.

4) Create an Attractive Window Display

We don't know what to buy for Christmas, so we walk around town and look in shops waiting to be struck by the perfect gift idea. A beautiful window display is an excellent way to get customers to visit your shop, and may inspire them to make a purchase.

5) Know the Best Sale Days

Keep in mind the biggest sale days of the season and take advantage of them. These are Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday (which is becoming Cyber Week), Free Shipping Day and Super Saturday. You can invite customers into your stores with promotions for each of these shopping events.

If you need help creating promotional materials to take full advantage of the holiday season, I would love to help. You can check out the rest of for more info or use the Contact Form to reach out.

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