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Design is Part of Everything.
We don't often think of how much design we see. Everything has a look and is organized in some way.

Here are some of the things you use that are designed: Paperwork, Envelopes,Brochures, Signs, Banners, Advertisements, Posters,
T-Shirts, Bills, Websites, Coupons, Product Labels, Business Cards, Magazines, Tickets, Hats, Flyers , Labels, Calendars, Book Covers, and Album Art.

We're surrounded by design and it's working on us all the time.

Our decisions are affected by the way things look and are organized. Good design is a pleasure to use - it's easy. Bad design turns us off. It turns a potentially good interaction into a problem - one that may damage your business and cost you time and money.

Think about all the paperwork you've filled out, and how confusing it feels when it doesn't make sense, or when it's too long. Think about all the banners and billboards you drive by on the road. The text is often so small you can't read a word.

Good design creates countless opportunities for good experiences.
The Work

Here are 4 Quick Reasons Good Design Matters:


Good Design Saves You Time and Hastle

There are a numerous problems I've experienced with art files that were set up incorrectly, given to me in an unusable format or were of too low a quality to be used. These problems all have to be fixed, which is a pain for the designer, but also a pain for you.

A professional knows what files you need and how to set them up properly.

PMS colors, vector files, web optimized graphics, transparent .pngs, etc. A professional designer knows what you need and will make sure you have it.
Good Design Establishes Credibility

People are strongly persuaded by appearances.

If you look unprofessional you will be perceived as unprofessional.

Fortunately, the reverse is also true. And a professional appearance is going that people are more comfortable giving you a try, which is going to mean more business and more clients.

Send a strong message to people that you are a trustworthy, reliable and professional organization by using professional design that makes people feel confident in you and comfortable using your services or attending your event.



Good Design Distinguishes You

Good design sets you apart from your competition in a positive way, making you memorable earning you more business.

Your identity is going to attract the clients you want. Good design will effectively communicate that identity to your audience.

Golfers don't hang out in biker bars. A biker bar doesn't exist for them.

Establish who you are and let your clients know with effective Graphic Design.


Good Design Works

Are you trying to draw people to an event? To explain that you sell award winning pulled pork? That your service is focused on high quality, not low price - or that you offer the best value in town?

Whatever you're trying to achieve, good design helps make it happen.

Bad design is unhelpful at best and a hindrance at worst.
Here's the Way I Think About It:
I've been to mechanics' garages many times.

They have hydraulic lifts, hundreds of specialized tools and years of knowledge and experience that they can use to fix my car better and faster than I can.

Graphic Design is the same way.

Often, the person who is doing 80% of the work gets stuck doing all the marketing and art stuff, too.

Like a mechanic, I have specialized tools and years of training and experience that will allow me to do the design work you need better and faster.
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